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Searchable Video Player

I just took a look at a searchable video player like no other! Most people don’t realize how frustrating video training content can be when you can’t search through or find the exact training content. Imagine using the ultimate searchable video player training tool that works with any platform, any browser, and any device. A tool that all your learners will appreciate. I’ve been looking for a tool like this on the market for a long time.

Some of these features I think are really useful:

  • word-for-word searching feature
  • multiple video searches
  • intuitive layout
  • responsive design

Click here to watch the demo.


The searchable video player is made by eLearn Incorporated and allows you to complete a word-for-word or phrase style search that links you directly to your video content. The search feature allows me to connect to any video in the “Collection Vault” and start playing just before my selected link. The search output also provides an abbreviated text transcript for context so I could identify the relationship that was most important to me (cool!). I was easily able to surf through the videos and get what I was interested in, and skip all the non-essential information. The player was responsive and worked on my phone as well as my tablet and laptop — big thumbs up! It also was browser friendly, working on all the major browsers I tested. I am looking forward to seeing more of this kind of video delivery for training products in the future! The design was intuitive enough that I was bouncing from link to link in seconds. I think it’s awesome. You should take a look at this searchable video player.



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