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As we announced last week, eLearning Brothers has debuted 20 ready-to-use courses on common training topics for the Bridge LMS. These pre-packaged courses are an easy way to cover one of the many topics that often show up in a new hire’s training curriculum, regardless of their respective industry.

Today we’re taking a look at the pre-made Safety Awareness course, available now on the Bridge LMS.

Whether a job is purely physical or takes place exclusively behind a desk, there are inherent risks and dangers associated with being in the workplace, so an essential part of any new employee training program should always be a safety course.

Our Safety Awareness course for Bridge clocks in at a trim 16 minutes but packs in some good info, as well as slick, flat-style illustrations, video, and a smooth baritone narrator. Knowledge checks are placed throughout the course to test the learner’s comprehension of the subject material.

Though you may think of workplace safety as more of a concern in blue collar jobs, this course shines a light on the often forgotten hazards of an office space, reminding learners which hazards to keep an eye out for and the proper procedures to follow when an accident takes place.

The Safety Awareness course points out workspace hazards such as improper overhead storage, loose wires and trip hazards, and longterm poor posture. The course gives important protocols and procedures for when things wrong and how to fill out an incident report. Consider Safety Awareness for your next custom project with eLearning Brothers, and make sure to check out the other courses we’ve built for the Bridge LMS!

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