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Safety first! That’s what we’ve learned ever since we were in grade school and what we continue to learn far into adulthood at every job we take. Through education, training, and sometimes good ol’ trial and error, we’ve learned to buckle our seatbelt, always cook chicken to 165° Fahrenheit, and to never, ever put an egg in the microwave.

We here at eLearning Brothers have a wide selection of Captivate templates to use as a backdrop for your next safety course. With a perforated steel background and yellow/black safety stripe accents, our safety templates have a tough-as-nails industrial feel that behooves a safety-conscious environment.


Safety Captivate Layout Template
We give you several layouts to choose from that you can populate with your own text and graphics, on a variety of different configurations.

Course Starter

Safety Captivate Course Starter

If you want to beef things up a bit, try a course starter. We’ve laid out an entire safety course for you to tweak and play with until it’s something entirely yours. With a robust navigation built-in, and several unique graphics and relevant cutout characters, making your own course is a snap.


Slider Safety  Captivate Interaction
Learners can click any number along the slider at the bottom the image, and the text and graphics will slide along with it. This is a handy way to turn one module into several slides of information. It also allows the learner to track their progress through the info instead of wandering aimlessly.


Dragger Safety  Captivate Interaction

Drag and drop each option tile to the appropriate answer. Dragger interactions allow a learner to solve the problem somewhat kinesthetically, moving things around and testing their spacial reasoning along with their memory.

Safety Chart

Safety Chart  Captivate Interaction

Bar graphs are wonderful for quantitative data, but things get cluttered when you when you try to chart more than two variables at once. You inevitably have to stack bars on top of each other or side by side, which can clutter things quickly. The safety chart template is handy for displaying several different data sets in one place. In the example above, we are shown the death count of those on the job—and how it happened—by year. As you move the slider to a certain year, the bar graph above adjusts to reflect the relevant information.

Several of these templates are included in Captivate 9. We have produced a short video that shows you how to access them. You can also add more eLearning assets to your eLearning Brothers subscription here.

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