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We love creating awesome eLearning but in order to do that we need “Grade A” ingredients for our awesome sauce. Good music and collaboration are two important elements for the brothers and sisters at eLearning Brothers. The eBros developers team use an interesting tool that allows us to do both at the same time!


TurnTable.fm is a social media website that allows users to share their music. That means you can be a Rockstar DJ like you always knew you could be.


A couple of our developers were rockin’ to some chill tunes while articulating some captivating lectora or working in another authoring tool (with headphones on of course). Our developers started talking about making it a party. So we have created a “Lounge” on TurnTable.fm to INVITE YOU… and your mother to join in too.


We want to know what you listen to as you work. You can either listen to one of the eLearning Brothers jam or you can bump the eBros off the DJ table by sharing your DJ skills.


There are only two rules:
  1. Music must be Momma Approved (relatively clean)
  2. You have to love eLearning


Follow this link below to join:


Please Note:  The eLearning Brothers developers’ music does not directly represent the eLearning Brothers.

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