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In today’s construction industry, an estimated 2.3 million construction workers perform some type of work on scaffolds—that’s about 65% of the construction workforce! Training those workers on safe scaffolding use is incredibly important. Scaffold training is required under all OSHA standards.

We created our Scaffolding Customizable Courseware Safety Training to make it easier for organizations to deliver scaffolding training tailored to their employees’ needs.

This safety training module is focused on teaching learners to identify scaffolding hazards, describe the duties of a “Competent Person,” summarize basic scaffold requirements, use fall protection and guardrails, and explain employee training requirements. It features a variety of interactive knowledge checks, scenarios, and more. Plus, it just looks AWESOME. 

types of scaffolds safety training

Before seeing this course, I had no idea there were so many different types of scaffolds!

What’s the best part about this scaffolding course—and all of our Customizable Courseware?

You get ALL the source files we used to create the course. That means you can customize it to fit your organization’s exact needs. Add pictures of your exact scaffolds, change out the colors for your company’s logo and branding, tweak the copy to reflect your site-specific hazardous situations, change the cutout people to better represent your company demographics, the list of possible customizations goes on and on.

We’re building a huge library of Customizable Courseware—from soft skills to sales to safety training. This scaffolding course is just one of many great learning modules you can download and customize for your team. Each course is professionally designed and built on solid instructional design principles, with content from subject matter experts. Or as we like to say, “created by Rockstars.”

Here’s one of the learning checks our scaffolding safety training course includes:

scaffolding learning check question scaffolding learning check answer

Let’s review. Customizable Courseware includes:

  • Online & Classroom Versions
    • You decide how to deliver: Online, ILT, Blended—it’s the best of all worlds!
  • All the Source Files Included
    • Easy customization with natively-built files in your favorite authoring tools.
  • Rockstar Content & Design
    • Genius subject matter experts + rockstar developers = AWESOMENESS.

Keep your employees safe and save your company money with Customizable Courseware Safety Training. Sign up for a free demo to learn more.

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