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As you may or may not know, Lectora Online has recently released with a new Responsive Course Design feature built in. This feature will be coming to the next release of Lectora Inspire, as well. This feature allows you create Lectora titles that will automatically adjust their layouts based on the screen size and orientation of the device they’re displaying on. For instance, if you create an RCD title in the Desktop view, it could come out looking something like this:


After some adjustments, you are able to make it look like this on a tablet:


And you can make it look like this on a smartphone:


While Lectora can actually make the orientation adjustments for you, we definitely like to come up with a plan beforehand when we make a responsive Lectora template. That’s where this free Responsive Course Design Storyboard Kit from Trivantis comes into play. We want our templates to look their absolute best when viewed at each of the different platform orientations, and this storyboard is the kind of tool that can help you to do just that!

RCD storyboard kit

The kit comes with layouts for each of the 5 different, main orientations: Computer Screens, Tablets (both landscape and portrait), and Smartphones (both landscape and portrait). Each layout gives you drawing room where you can sketch elements and text positions onto a potential screen. You can then take that and translate it to the other orientations to determine how best to fit each of the necessary elements. Each screen also comes with a section below it where you can take notes, jot down further design ideas, or highlight content focus areas for the slide. This is especially helpful for interactions where you’ll want to consider how an activity might work (ie., where does feedback come in and out from, how will the orientation affect where things like Continue buttons get placed, does a game play the same way in landscape vs. portrait, etc.) as the user travels from screen to screen.

Once you have everything laid out, you can start moving into Lectora Online and bringing your ideas to life. If you really like your designs, don’t forget to show them off to Trivantis on Twitter with the hashtag #RCDsketch. They’d love to share your awesome work with the world. Don’t forget to check out all of our responsive Lectora Online 3 templates, as well!

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