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We’ve refocused on Lectora interactions in the month of September. We added 33 new Lectora template interactions! That is a lot of template to handle! Especially, for just one eLearning authoring tool. Now that is significant! If you are making a Lectora course we have enough template love to make your project awesome.

Check Out These Lectora Template Demos

Take these templates out for a test drive. See what these templates can do for your course. The best part is these demos were created all using templates, interactions, games, skins, and cutout people using the eLearning Template Library.


Lectora Demo Course


 Lectora Demo Course

You can also demo all of the new 33 Lectora templates in the eLearning Template Library.

Note: These templates are available for download for all current Template Library subscribers. Sign up to our eLearning Template Library and get TONS of great templates.

Lectora Interactions

Lectora template Lectora template timeline Tabs_Top Tabs_Right Tabs_Left Tabs_Intro_Top Tabs_Intro_Bottom Tabs_Bottom Squares_Top Squares_Surround Squares_Right Squares_Left Squares_Intro_Top Squares_Intro_Bottom Squares_Full Squares_Bottom Process CycleTabs_Intro_Center Tabs_Intro_Left Tabs_Intro_Long Tabs_Long Target_Left Target_Right Glossary_Intro_Bottom  Lectora Interactions Lectora InteractionsLectora Interactions Lectora InteractionsLectora Template Lectora Template Lectora Template Lectora Template Lectora Template


View all Lectora Templates.

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