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Captivate Templates

If you are looking for Captivate Templates, you have come to the right place. Most eLearners engaged with eLearning, and have a heart beat, have probably heard the buzz about the Captivate 8 update. Most of it’s great features you may have seen swirling around the internet with words like mobile, responsive design, out-of-the-box assets, and GeoLocation. By the way, these features are amazing!

Because these features are so amazing, let’s take a look at the greatest Captivate 8 template features:

Design Responsive Courses with Captivate Templates

The trend for responsive courses is on the rise. If you haven’t been designing responsive courses, you will be doing it soon, (thanks to Captivate 8). That is why Captivate Templates are so important so you can rapidly develop eLearning. The great news is we have 100’s of Responsive Captivate Templates. Meaning, when you use our Captivate Templates, you can quickly build courses based on the three break points (or devices) in Captivate. What a huge game changer for the industry, and there is no better tool to make your eLearning faster and better with an eLearning Brothers Template Library subscription.

Quickly Develop and Create Engaging mLearning Courses

Yes, I used the “M” word, mLearning. If you haven’t heard this word yet, you will be using it soon, (thanks to Captivate 8). Technology is moving fast,  and that is why eLearning Templates are key. On the Adobe Captivate blog, Dr. Allen Partridge said, “The landscape is clearly changing all around us. A recent (2012) study from Sterling Brands and Ipsos, commissioned by Google, found that Americans (participants were from Boston, Austin and Los Angeles) engage with screens (computer, tablet, television & smart phones) 90% of the time.” That number means more and more people are using multiple devices like mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. We are in a multi-device world whether you like it or not. It’s time to start designing mLearning, and designing them quickly with our eLearning Templates.

One More Thing…

Here is what Captivate 8 templates can do for you and your mobile production: (1) speed up your development process and (2) make engaging mobile experiences for the user. Don’t waste time creating old and boring courses, and start creating rapid eLearning content for mobile, tablet, and desktop users.

BONUS: Thanks for reading our blog! We appreciate it. Here’s a Free Mobile Instructional Design Storyboard Template for reading our blog.


The fastest way to get Captivate 8 Templates is to click the link. Once you have a subscription, you’ll have tons of great features with Captivate Templates.

Captivate 8 Templates


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