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Lectora Course Starters

Ready,Set, Course Starters! Get a Head Start in Your eLearning Race.

We all need a little advantage coming out of the starting block, and Lectora 12’s integration of eLearning Brothers Course Starters can give you the edge. And it’s easy! Just select the “Inspire Tools” tab. 


Once logged in, select the “Course Starters” tab in the ELB library menu, and the “Lectora” submenu item.


This will show you the available Starters.  I’ve selected “Corporate 03 Lectora Course Starter”


Clicking the thumbnail opens a detail page with download options. Since this is for a desktop version of Lectora, I selected the Lectora Template File option.


The template automatically opens in Lectora with a complete file structure and all assets in place and ready to customize. Now that’s what I call a head start!


It really is that easy. Have you had a chance to use the new tools in Lectora Inspire? Tell us what you think.

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