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Recently, we had a big idea. What if we combined a proven effective instructor-led sales training system with our own expertly crafted Customizable Courseware? We were pretty sure this would be a great way for companies to set up their sales departments for success. Our friends at Griffin Hill agreed, and together we created an eLearning version of the best sales training system available—the Integrity Sales System Customizable Courseware Library.

You should buy the Integrity Sales System Customizable Courseware Library if you want to:

  • Increase revenue and create sales rockstars with the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System
  • Create a blended sales training program using customizable ILT and eLearning courses
  • Roll out a year’s worth of customized sales training in a few short weeks—or less

By implementing the System, Griffin Hill clients have consistently seen sales and profitability increases of as much as 300-400%. Sound good to you? We thought so.

Free module available now: Build Your Sales Benefit Play

We’re offering a completely free module right now that walks you through determining your sales benefits and how to pitch those to prospects. Like all our customizable courseware, this module is interactive and engaging.

Integrity Sales System Benefit Play slide

Learn the difference between features and benefits and discover how to demonstrate value to your prospect. This is a great exercise for novice sales reps!

Integrity Sales System funnel

The Integrity Sales System Customizable Courseware is a complete curriculum created by the human and organization performance experts, Griffin Hill. Develop a rockstar sales team with these 11 pre-built modules:

  • Leverage the Science of Sales Success
  • Kickstart Your Pipeline
  • Pitch Like a Pro
  • Build Benefits Your Buyers Buy
  • Schedule the Next Event
  • Uncover Needs and Goals Together
  • Sell the Solution
  • Solidify Commitment
  • Close Difficult Deals
  • Identify True Buyer Objections
  • Manage Objections Gracefully

Want to boost those sales numbers before the end of the year or set yourself up for a wildly successful 2018? This is how you do it. And right now, we are offering a 30% “Pre-Launch” discount to all customers who purchase during the month of October. Check out the rest of the Integrity Sales System Customizable Courseware and get your free module today!


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