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 Rapid Intake has many different content page layouts to choose from. Now they just released a now layout called “Visual Layout Page”.

You can now either use a template page layout or start with a blank page. This new visual layout page allows you to put any media type on the page and have full control over the positioning and sizes.

Before you can use the Visual Layout Page in your course you must have the latest style files.

To update your style files:

1. From inside the Build/Authoring tool click on “Edit Course Settings”
2. Click on the “Step 2: Course Style (optional)” tab, or click on “Next Step –>”
3. Select “Update Style Files”
4. Click on “Update Course”
5. Once the style files are updated you can then view the Visual Layout Page in your course.

Note: You must follow this step for every course.

Check out Rapid Intake’s Up To Speed blog.


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