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Infographics are perhaps the greatest innovation in data visualization that humankind has ever created. Whether it’s a diagram of the earth’s orbit around the sun, a timeline of the history of photography, or a production flowchart, infographics are extremely useful for displaying information that is easily understandable and fun to look at.

In our stock library, we have many useful infographic template options for creating your own masterpieces. With a membership, you can download these as a flat PNG file or as an EPS, which allows you to manipulate the component parts with your favorite vector-based graphics editor.

Let’s take a look at a super simple example from the stock library see the cool things we can do with it.


Downloading this minimalist beauty as an EPS and plugging it into Adobe Illustrator, we have a good overview of the image and can figure out from there how to change it to suit our needs.

Change colors



First, we can change the color of this icon. In keeping with the color scheme of this infographic we’ll leave the dark shape in the middle alone and only change the two blue ones on the outside.


Select the group, right-click, and ungroup. This separates the icon into 3 main shapes, each of which is made of of even smaller shapes. Then select the shape you want to change and ungroup it so you can manipulate just the colored portions.



Select the shapes you want to change and click the shape fill color option at the top left of the screen, selecting the new color of your choice.

Repeat until you have recolored all necessary shapes.

Screenshot 2015-11-16 12.10.08

Add branches

LY8h25JcejADnEIgWBRIXrwPFALwehLJt_YsLghnpBk OA9TXXBzrLmJkcxAs6bUcr_uhYdyT8ZXtxxrGclwxn4

To add a new branch to this infographic, simply alt+drag the various components necessary to build one from the other three, or draw them using the many tools Illustrator provides. For this particular template, the font family used is a variant of Lato.

Screenshot 2015-11-16 13.45.46


Create your own icons

Here’s where you can get creative. If you have the skills to do so, craft a new icon for your new branch. If possible, try to make an icon that thematically matches the title of that branch.

Screenshot 2015-11-16 13.39.32


The example above is a mixture of elements from around the graphic along with a shape of my own devising (the sunglasses) easily made with the ellipse and line tools. Whatever you make try to make it congruent with the basic design scheme of the template.

stock-illustration-original-style-infogr-776659 [Converted]

To get started, take a look in our Stock Assets library today!

What would you make with this template? Share your ideas in the comments.

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