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scav_huntLet your learners find their own answers…send them on a scavenger hunt! You can use Articule to quickly do this or just do it in PowerPoint.

Building this is not hard.

Scavenger hunts are a good way to let a learner explore an internal or external site and while looking for specific information. I’ve used this in the past to have employees explore internal policies and procedures.

You could also use this to send your learners on a “choose their own adventure”.

  1. Select the slide that you want to work with
  2. Type the scavenger hunt text into a box
  3. From the Articulate tab click Web Object
  4. Enter the web address
  5. Define your settings. Choose if you’d like the webpage to appear within the slide or as a separate browser window.
  6. Next choose object behaviors
    – This is where you can make the window that the site appears in smaller. (custom size) You can make it fit beside your slide text.
  7. Click ok
  8. Now arrange your web object window and text box to fit the slide. “Make it all look pretty”.

Advanced version: You could add a button to each slide for the learner to make a choice.

  1. Follow the steps above to create a slide with a web object and text question.
  2. Insert a shape in PowerPoint and make the fill transparent (this becomes your transparent button)
  3. Add a link to the button and point to a slide in your course

You can have the learner go through a series of questions using a website as the “answer key”. Depening on how they answer you can take them to different slides. Some slides say “congrats” and move them forward in the search and other slides give them more help.

Another way would be to start them off by clicking on a choice and then taking them through a series of pages where you use the slide branching feature in the slide properties of Articulate.

The sky truely is the limit! Always design your pages and ideas on paper. How do you really want it to look/behave? Then, figure out how your tool can do it. Don’t let the tool limit your creativity!

Quickly build eLearning games and eLearning interactions. Works with your eLearning authoring tool. No programming needed.

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