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The American Psychological Association (APA), conducts an annual Stress in America™ survey. For over a decade, money and work have consistently topped the list of stressors. Last year, the survey revealed a common new source of significant stress: the future of our nation.

In the August 2017 survey, the top stressors were:

  • Money (62%)
  • Work (61%)
  • Future of our nation (63%)

What does that have to do with your organization’s learning and development? Stress isn’t just a personal issue; it’s also a personnel issue. Unmanaged stress has a negative impact on personal relationships, work performance, absenteeism, and health. Millennials, a big part of today’s workforce, continue to have the highest reported stress levels, according to the APA’s 2017 study. We know you can’t control all the different sources of stress in life, but you and your team can learn to control how you react to it. You just need the right soft skills training. 

That’s why we created our Stress Management Customizable Courseware.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define Stress
  • Identify Types of Chronic & Acute Stress
  • List Personal Stress Triggers
  • Describe Negative Impacts of Stress
  • Discuss Lifestyle Changes/Behaviors to Minimize Stress

Let’s take a quick look at the course. This is a highly interactive course full of drag and drop activities and fill in the blank individual reflection.

stress management customizable courseware screenshot

Fill in the blank activity


stress management customizable courseware screenshot

Drag and drop activity


The module takes the learner through creating a plan to avoid and minimize stress.


stress management customizable courseware screenshot

Make a plan to avoid stress


This Stress Management module is a full course that can be used “out of the box,” or easily modified to fit your company’s brand and voice. Build an entire custom training program with Customizable Courseware. We have pre-built courses covering a range of soft skills and sales training, with safety courses on the way. Learn more about our Customizable Courseware library and preview the entire Stress Management course now.


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