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Whether it’s in the hallway of a university, hanging in a local coffee shop, or just on the wall of your family’s kitchen, cork boards are a tried-and-true method of displaying information in a conspicuous and accessible place. They’re public enough that everyone who needs to see it can, yet intimate enough so that those who aren’t implicitly affected by their announcements by being in the building aren’t.

With their simple utility, cork boards are an almost natural symbol of displaying and organizing information. As such, they make for a great skeuomorph in the context of eLearning. Learners can drag and drop elements and “pin” them in place to create a more physical and concrete experience.

Below are 3 classic cork-board-style templates for the Captivate ecosystem. We hope you enjoy!

Multiple Choice Drag and Drop

This template is a simple Multiple Choice knowledge check. A handful of sticky notes sit at the bottom of the module, each with a potential answer to a certain question. Learners simply drag the appropriate answer to the board and hit submit to see how they did.

3-Option Sorting

Every subject has it’s own taxonomy and specific ways of classification, so an important part of learning any new subject is to learn the ins and outs of how it’s organized. From an eLearning standpoint, this can be as simple as presenting the categories and asking learners to sort a handful of items into the correct place. For this template, learners drag each of the small strips of paper to one of three boxes and hit submit.

2-Option Sorting

Classifications can oftentimes be more binary in nature (i.e., sorting through “yes” and “no” answers or distinguishing between two polar opposites). For those cases try a 2-Option template like the one above.

For these, and other wonderful templates in the Captivate LMS, take a look in our Captivate Template Library today!

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