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Every time eLearning Brothers hits the road, something crazy happens. And when I say every time, I mean with the reliability of a finely crafted swiss chronograph, something will happen. It’s become kind of a running joke around the office. We’re left wondering what’s going to happen, and who is going to be involved. Some of our misadventures have included:

-Starting a road trip to Las Vegas we discovered that we didn’t have any working lights on our trailer. After spending 1.5 hours trying to solve this problem, we settled on plan “E”. We stopped by Walmart, purchased two large flashlights, two red knit stocking hats, and a roll of duct tape. Problem solved, moving on.

-While on a flight from France to JFK, one member of our team became horribly sick…20 minutes into the flight. With 7 hours to go he had exceeded the maximum capacity of his air sickness bag, and certainly exceeded the maximum capacity of his neighbors comfort level with strangers. Once we landed, a wheelchair was secured, customs passed, and rehydration commenced. Problem solved, moving on.

-During booth set up for a London conference, we got a crash course on the importance of electrical limits. The funny thing about TVs that are built for 110 volts is that they don’t respond well to our European friends’ 220 volt system. With less than an hour before start time, we plugged in and treated everybody around us to quite the smoke-and-lights show. We boxed up the TV, rearranged the booth a little, and tried to cover up any burn marks. Problem solved, moving on.

-While in Orlando, our flight got us there late at night. The team was exhausted and very eager to get a few hours of rest before the conference started. We made our way to the rental van, and spent 30 minutes maximizing every square inch of space so that we could fit all of our gear in. We then spent 30 more minutes unpacking that van, finding the correct parking lot for our rental agency and repacking our new van. Problem solved, moving on.

So as we start on our DevLearn 2015 adventure, there has been much discussion about what will happen on this trip. We will undoubtedly post something about our latest unplanned adventure. One thing we have learned that if you give this team a credit card and an internet connection, they will always be able to say, “Problem solved, moving on.”

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