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Our template designers never stop working—except to play foosball, that is. Because of their hard work, we’re constantly adding new templates to our Adobe Captivate Template Library. You know what that means, right? You can develop awesome eLearning courses in Captivate in less time…leaving YOU more time to play foosball! Or whatever you want to do with all that free time you’ll have after you download a few of these snazzy templates and create a sweet course.

eLearning Brothers Captivate Templates include everything you need to quickly create a course—knowledge checks, different layouts, interactions, and more. Plus, each Template Style has its own cohesive branding so your course looks unified, no matter which layouts you use. We recently completed the Movemint Template Style for Captivate and now we’re working on Green Thumb.

green thumb captivate style sample

Each completed Captivate template style includes:

  • 10 Click to Reveals
  • 6 Drag & Drops
  • 1 Layout (25+ screens)
  • 1 Quiz (7 screens)
  • Various scenarios, timelines, games, and knowledge checks

Let’s take a look at the Green Thumb Captivate Template Style in more detail!

This one is fresh and bright but could swing festive if you wanted to use it this holiday season by adding in a few pops of red. You could even change the icons in the timeline layout below to look like Christmas tree ornaments!

green thumb captivate timeline sample

I’m sorry, here it is not even Thanksgiving yet and I’m trying to convince you to turn this into a Christmas eLearning course. That is the beauty of these templates, though—you can customize anything you want and use these as a building block to create anything!

green thumb captivate quiz layout

From quiz templates to email and branching scenarios to timeline sliders and more, each Template Style has everything you need to quickly and easily create an entire eLearning course with a unified look and feel.

So how do you get these amazing, easy-to-use Captivate templates? With an eLearning Brothers Template Library subscription! This magical thing will open up a world of possibilities for your eLearning development. Take a look at our different pricing plans now.

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