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In a world full of amazing technology and a land of unlimited possibilities, it is often difficult to know what to do, when to do it, and if you made the right decision. As a PowerPoint developer, I have asked myself these questions many times regarding animations in PowerPoint. Let’s dive in.

Microsoft PowerPoint is, to their credit, always releasing new content that will draw people to their product and make life easier for developers and presenters. But a common problem PowerPoint users encounter is, “Which of all these amazing animations should I use?” Well, that fully depends on what kind of presentation you are creating/presenting and who you are presenting to.


In most cases you will be presenting to business men and women in a professional setting. And the types of animations that will benefit these types of presentations are simply simple. Choose animations that are minimalistic in nature and give the presentation the depth it deserves. Apple Keynotes are a very good example of this. The animations they use add enormous depth to the presentation while retaining the attention of their audience. And don’t convince yourself that internally made and presented presentations don’t need animations (because who in the company is going to care?), because they do. Here is a list of recommended PowerPoint Animations to use in order to ameliorate your next professional presentation.

  • Fade
  • Float
  • Wipe (If slowed down)
  • Zoom (if slowed down)
  • Expand
  • Compress
  • Stretch
  • Desaturate (Emphasis Effect)
  • Darken (Emphasis Effect)

       Know Your Audience:

Most presentations fall under the Business Professional category, but what animations should you use for less formal presentations? The main answer to the question is to know your audience. If you are a teacher at a high school presenting to teenagers, and you know you have some lack luster information, throw in some more sophisticated animations in an attempt to bring the class back to the presentation. Every audience and situation is different, which makes choosing animations that will both lack distraction and improve your presentation quite the task.

Don’t be afraid to try out new animations and never talk yourself out of using the professional animations listed above. Animations are there for a purpose, now just use them correctly. Are there any simple animations that I missed that you think should be included? Let me know in the comment section below!

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