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“In the beginning there was a blank slide.

All eLearning designers dreamed of the endless possibilities.

Wondrous content could spring into life.




However, something went wrong…

Bullet points sprang up like weeds.

Clip art infiltrated the blank space.

Bad color schemes and ugly fonts polluted the slide.

The dream of engaging, awesome content suffered a great blow.


Would the dim flicker of hope survive?

Would awesome content rise from the bullet points, clip art, and clutter?

Would eLearning designers overcome the Curse of the Blank PowerPoint Slide?




Ok…enough of my attempt at creative writing. As many of our readers know our goal is to Make Your Training Look Awesome. Many eLearning designers look at a blank slide/page and have a hard time overcoming the “curse of the blank slide”. Many times we do better when there is an existing structure and layout. (It’s also faster.) That is why we started creating templates.

eLearning templates offer great benefits. Here are a few:

– Professional Graphic Design: Not all eLearning designers have graphic design or multimedia skills. However, they have enough experience to use templates.
– Branding: Templates can have branding incorporated so that course material matches your corporate look/feel.
– Standards:
Build you standards into the templates. You can exterminate rainbow colored fonts, lime green buttons, and microsoft clip art.
– Speed: Content development goes a lot faster when you don’t start with a blank slide every time.
– Quick Customization: Get the source files with your templates so that you can make tweaks. Many of us know software well enough to make tweaks to an existing file. (the challenge is to build it from scratch)
– Consistency: Templates give a consistent look, layout, and branding to eLearning. Even if many different designers are working on the course it will still look like it “belongs” together.
– Lean Team: If you don’t have the luxury of employing a graphic/multimedia guru then owning professional templates can help.

Our learners expect courses that look professional! If a course looks ugly, the learner will think the content is ugly too. In other words if our course looks professional then the learners will pay more attention.

Rapid eLearning development can overcome the Curse of the Blank Slide and be Awesome!


PowerPoint Templates
75+ layouts, 40+ themes, professional branding…all in one pack!

Flash eLearning Templates
High quality flash games, quizzes, and interactions. Own the source code.

eLearning Interaction Builder
Use this online tool to build great looking interactions and games.



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