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If you are looking to add a little fun competition to your classroom training, check out our GameShow PowerPoint Template (and our eLearning Games). The GameShow PowerPoint template is one of my favorites because you can buy a “buzz-in” game system that will add a higher level of excitement to any Q&A. Plus, this PowerPoint template can be customized with your company colors, logos, images, background, etc. You can even adjust the number of questions in your games. It comes with a lite version of the game with 16 questions or a full version with 25 questions.

Here are some tips that will make your process of editing the template go more smoothly:

How to Edit the PowerPoint Template for Classroom Training

1. When you download and launch the game for the first time, you will receive a couple of warnings:

• Protected View
• Enable Macros
• On both warnings, always answer with Enable Editing.

2. Before you make any edits to the game, save the original source file, so you can revert back to it if necessary. Only save this file as a .ppt (for PowerPoint 03 and 07) or .pptm (for PowerPoint 10+. Do NOT save as .pptx).

3. Never delete any images or items on the slides. Instead, drag them off the stage or slide. If you do delete an item, it could break the macros in the game and cause it to not function properly.

4. Never delete any slides in the PPT. If you are eliminating a question or category, simply hide the slide. If you do delete a slide, it will break the macros in the game.

5. Once you have input your content, select Slide Show mode for your game. On slide 2, there is a Change Options section in the lower left corner. This is where you determine if you are using USB game buzzers, or if you want to have teams randomized or go in order. A common question we receive is that the users cannot answer the questions. That is, usually, because the Options screen defaults to USB game buzzers. You simply need to change the Options to continue with the game.

6. After you select your Options, you will be prompted to input the number of teams or players.

Then you are ready to start the game. Now it’s time to have some fun in your next classroom or meeting. Remember, it is always fun to have prizes or some fun treats for the winners… and the second, third, or fourth place teams! After all, who doesn’t like a fun treat!

Bonus Tip: If you start playing the game, go back to make some edits, and try playing the game again, it will not work. This is because the macros need to be reset. Do this by saving, closing PowerPoint, and reopening.

Who’s First USB Buzzers

We are often asked what buzzers work best with the game. Here is a link to some Who’s First USB buzzers that work great with the game. Here is a short video to see how it works.

(Watch on YouTube.)


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