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Adobe Presenter

PowerPoint graphics have come a long way and, with the new PowerPoint Graphics library, creating interactive content has never been easier. In just 6 simple steps you can have a fully functional slide.

Before we get started, download and open one of our PowerPoint graphics. I used Dome Graphics 9183478, if you would like to follow along.

Step 1. Ungroup
Because the dome is in the way, I moved it to the very back and ungrouped everything else so I could more easily manipulate each item. I ungrouped it twice: enough so that I could manipulate each level, but not so that it’s completely free.

Step 2. Rename and Organize
Head over to the home tab and on the top right side, click the triangle next to the word Select, and select Selection Pane. (Say that 10 times fast!)


step 2_animationPane

Rename your objects. This will make it so much easier keep track of things. Hide layers by clicking the eyes on the right to find out what they belong to and rename accordingly. I renamed the text boxes and groups as “1 text” and “1 layer” to make things easier to remember.

Step 3. Animate
Head over to the Animation tab, select each text box and add the Fade animation. I want to add triggers that make the text box appear when you click on the layer. Open up the Animation pane. Right click on each of these animations separately and select Timing. Click on Triggers. Then “Start effect on click of:” and select the corresponding layer. Do this for each animation. Save and preview.

step 2b_timing
Step 4. Voice over
The great thing about Adobe Presenter is that it lets you present a PowerPoint presentation without actually being there. So it becomes an “anytime presentation.” This looks great, but since we are doing this for Adobe Presenter, let’s change things accordingly. Rather than have the animations happen as a click to reveal, let’s change it to happen as a presentation instead.
Open up the Animation pane. Right-click on each of these animations separately and select Timing. Make sure it says: “Start: On Click”.

step 4animate
I recorded myself saying some dummy narration in an MP3, and I kept this as one clip.

In the Adobe Presenter Tab select Sync on the left side of the screen.


It will bring you into a dark preview area with a play button in the bottom center.


Click the green arrows button to start the audio. The play button will change into a right arrow icon.


Click that button to move to the next animation. Sync the animation to your voice over and click the X button to close and save.

Step 5. Publish
Publish your file. Under the Adobe Presenter tab, click Publish. Choose your settings and then press Publish again.

You now have an Adobe Presentation! If you know any other cool tips or variations of this process, let us know in the comments!

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