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Articulate Storyline Game

Our ever-expanding library of eLearning games has received a new arrival this month with “Popular Choice”, an Articulate Storyline game that will get your learners thinking.

Similar to the popular survey-based game show “Family Feud”, learners will be asked a question that was previously asked in a survey of 100 people. Learners have a set amount of time to list as many answers they can think of. If an answer the learner gives was said by at least one of the people surveyed, they will get a point for every person who gave the same answer.

186687  Popular Choice  Storyline Game2

Demo This Template Here

Ideas on How to Use this Articulate Storyline Game

Simple and straightforward, “Popular Choice” functions beautifully as a warm-up exercise for a course. With lowered stakes and high customizability, it’s perfect for getting the learner to think about a particular subject without the added pressure of a final exam style quiz. For the same reasons, Popular Choice is also a great middle-of-the-course knowledge check to recap the material covered so far.

186687  Popular Choice  Storyline Game3

What makes this Storyline Game so great for Developers?

The genius of this template lies in the fact that it is robust enough to allow multiple variations of the same answer. For example, one answer might be “Chicken”. If the learner submits answers like “wings”, “drumsticks” or another chicken-related word,  each of these would simply register as if the learner had typed in “Chicken”. This is a functionality that saves the developer the headache of setting up every possible answer with their own code. With access to Articulate, any aspect of the course can be easily tweaked to your liking.

What are the Template’s Features?

• SCORM compliant
• Optimized for MOBILE
• Unlimited number of questions
• Simple to use and easy to modify
• Easily change colors and branding
• Designed to be like the popular “Family Feud” game show


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