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stock assets

In any creative field, stock assets are essential tools. Not every company can afford a team of professional photographers, musicians, and videographers, so it’s important to have a stash of generic images, songs, and videos on hand to enable a smooth production. With over a million stock assets, you can create something completely different.

Our stock library has thousands of eLearning images featuring people in various occupations and situations, nature shots, conceptual photography, and even vector art with all the layers left intact. Many of these images are infographic templates, so you can manipulate the each of the individual pieces to suit your needs and the information you need to present. The stock library also has countless cartoons and illustrations in stock for you to play around with.

There’s also a considerable library of songs and sound effects to add an audible flair to any course and set your learners in an elaborate soundscape that is just like really being there, wherever “there” may be.

Finally, while you’re in the stock library, take a look at our selection of stock videos, which can come with their own soundtracks or be dubbed over with narration and appropriate sound effects.

What kind of projects do you use our stock library for? What are your favorite eLearning images and assets? Let us know in the comments.

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