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Lectora 12

Trivantis announced today they released Lectora 12. The announcement gave us everything we have been asking for in a Lectora update and more. It’s a fantastic update to what was already a remarkably powerful tool. A few things you will notice when you open Lectora 12 is the time-saving usability enhancements and the professional tool options. The new features of Lectora 12 will make you proud to be a Lectora developer and makes it easier than ever to create engaging eLearning.

So what are some big updates? Lectora 12 developers can now:

  • Crop images without needing additional image editing software
  • Customize button states and use new gradients, transparencies, and effects
  • Create organized lists with new bullet styles
  • Rotate and flip images, buttons, shapes, and text
  • Use the new adjustment handles to tweak the corners and angles of shapes

Here is an overview of the Lectora 12 features we think are awesome.

More Customization for Content Development

Rotate and Flip – Creating content for new objects now allows you to rotate/flip shapes, images, and text buttons. Watch the video on how to Rotate and Flip objects.
Image Cropping – Properly frame new images right on the page to highlight the right parts of your images. Watch the video on Image Effects.
Place Objects Outside the Page – Now objects can be masked out of the canvas. For example, if you have an image animated off your page flying into the page, the canvas is cropped, so you don’t see the image flying in. Watch the video on Enhanced Editing.

Updated Button Effects and Shapes

Customizable Button States – Control the button states of normal, over, down, and disabled. Watch the video on Button Effects and States.
Create Buttons in Any Shape – Need a button? You can now create one with any shape. Watch the video on Updates on Shapes.
Gradient, Texture, and Picture Fill – Change the fill style of buttons or shapes with gradients, textures, or images. Select from a built-in gallery of textures, choose from 26 default gradient styles, or customize your gradient.
Shadow and Reflection Effects – Add shadow or reflections to objects and customize the style of shadow/reflection.
Number and Bulleted lists – Choose from circles, squares, checks, or diamonds in the new numbers and bullets. Watch the video on Numbered and Bulleted Lists.
Opacity Setting – You can adjust the opacity settings of shapes, images, buttons, and text blocks. Perfect to layer over your images.

Enhanced Preview and Publish


Web-based Run & Preview Mode – Run mode and Preview mode now provide web-based previews of your content. Test things such as CSS and HTML extensions and preview text that renders similar to your browser. Watch the video on Run and Preview Mode.
Publish for Offline Use – Publish titles for offline or to CD-ROMs and flash drives. Share published files on your server to collaborate with team members. Watch the video on Publishing for Offline.

Additional Quick and Easy Editing


Hover Text Menu – Quickly format text with the Hover Text Menu. The menu will automatically appear when you select letters or words or when you right-click on the text in a text block. Watch the video on Text Block Styles.
Improved Guide Handling – Use the handles on the ruler to move the guide horizontally or vertically on the page. Watch the video on Using Guides.

Read about all the new Lectora 12 updates and features.

Not a current Lectora developer? Sign up today for a free 30-day trial of Lectora 12.

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