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In March 2014, our good friends over at Docebo, the award-winning company behind the cloud-based LMS of the same name, put out their E-Learning Market Trends & Forecast 2014-2016 Report. The report is 48 pages of purely awesome statistics, findings, and predictions about the worldwide eLearning market over the past couple years. Here we have some interesting tidbits about the global state of our industry from the first half of the report.

Growth by region

From page 8 of the report.

If you’re looking for the fastest growing eLearning market on the planet, pack your bags and catch the next plane to Asia! At the time of the report’s release, the Asian market had an annual growth rate of 17.3%, raking in an industry-wide $7.1 billion in 2013 and expected to reach $11.5 billion this year. Experts speculate that one reason for these skyrocketing numbers is the widespread government initiatives to boost literacy in rural areas throughout the region. Mobile tech flooding into the area has also been a tremendous boon to the growth of mobile learning (mLearning).

Africa has also seen growth through government initiatives, as well as university-based eLearning and the adoption of mobile tech. However, despite the strong will of Africans to adopt eLearning more fully, a general lack of infrastructure throughout the continent has slowed the process of bringing computer-based learning to Africa. With that issue tackled, the region will probably experience rapid growth due to a strong demand for these technologies in the rising generations.

The mature North American eLearning market is thriving, seeing $23.8 billion in revenue, industry-wide, in 2013, expecting a rise to $27.1 billion by the end of 2016. North American eLearning has been trending towards more video content, which learners have found to be more personal than static images alone. eLearning is finding heavy use in North American businesses for personnel training purposes, as well as educational materials for the K-12 market.

The eLearning industry, in general, is booming, and by all reasonable estimates can only increase in years to come. So give cheer, raise a glass, and celebrate the overall success of our field, as well as special thanks to Docebo for letting us know!

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