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We would like to introduce you to our friends at OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace. Check out the awesomse services that they provide in the post below by Max DuBowy.



How the OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace Can Help You

If you’re an elearning seller, you’ve probably struggled with the typical questions. What’s the best way to package and deliver courses? How can I attract new customers? How can I scale up customer support with just a small business?

OpenSesame, the world’s marketplace for buying and selling online training courses, offers a simple way to deliver your content to a worldwide audience. With more than 21,000 courses in topics from healthcare and technology to compliance and soft skills, OpenSesame offers the largest catalog of training courses in the world with flexible licensing and delivery options.

Get Started Selling Your Courses on OpenSesame

If you develop elearning courses (perhaps using some of the great templates from eLearning Brothers!), OpenSesame can help you deliver your courses to a global audience. You can upload course content, set pricing and discount information and list your courses for sale. We’ll take care of delivering courses, trouble-shooting customer support issues and attracting additional buyers through our sales and marketing efforts. Since OpenSesame works on a revenue-sharing model, there’s no cost to you to start selling your courses.

You can upload any SCORM, AICC or video file as a course on OpenSesame and we’ll deliver it to customers as a SCORM package or a course they can take on our website. Specifically, our video player converts videos to SCORM packages that can track and bookmark in any learning management system (LMS). When we deliver courses to customers, OpenSesame’s patent-pending technology ensures your course works in any standards-compliant LMS (yes, we mean any). Check out our guide to get started.

Once your courses are available for purchase in the marketplace, we’ll work with you to merchandise and market your courses to help attract buyers. Using social media is a great way to start! For more details on how to market your courses, read Marketing Your eLearning Courses on the OpenSesame blog.

Finding Courses on OpenSesame

For buyers, the OpenSesame marketplace offers a variety of training courses, including business, technology, compliance, safety skills and soft skills, targeted to individuals and businesses of every size. Customers can use OpenSesame’s search and preview features to evaluate, purchase and deploy content instantly. The breadth of courses in the OpenSesame marketplace makes it easier for HR and training managers to find and compare elearning content in a single location.

Finally, we offer flexible licensing and course delivery options to help companies buy just the courses they need, in the quantity they need. Customers can use courses online, send email invitations with our CourseCloud feature or download a SCORM file to use the course in their learning management system.

Some of our most popular courses include FranklinCovey’s catalog of personal effectiveness, leadership and business courses, Wiley’s For Dummies Microsoft Office courses, and our 20 courses for $20 bundles from a variety of sellers.

Get In Touch

Whether you are a buyer or seller, we want to help you get started! Get in touch with us by email or live chat and we’ll be happy to answer questions, help you find courses or share our experience.

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