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Articulate Storyline Ninja

Become an Articulate Storyline Ninja! We are proud to announce online training for Articulate Storyline.  Learn to build highly interactive online and mobile courses with the Articulate Storyline software. We cover everything from A-Z, such as: how to start a course, how to create your own content, how to make it interactive and engaging, how use variables and trigger, and how to publish to a Learning Management System, mobile device, or website.

Lifetime access to 82+ videos and 9.5+ hours of videos that help you become Articulate Storyline Ninja!

This webinar is now expired! Watch the video on YouTube here.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

• Starting a new project
• Scenes vs Pages
• Working with Page Level Content
• Creating your own visuals within Storyline
• Working with media (External images, video & audio)
• Customizing the theme and player
• Animation basics
• Create drag and drop interactions
• Working with Storyline triggers to create interactivity
• Using variables for advance interactivity
• Creating quizzes and question banks
• Publishing your course for an LMS or mobile devices
• Building interactive games & interactions within Articulate Storyline

With Brother Jeff as your Sensei, you’ll become a master of Articulate Storyline Ninja in no time!

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