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PowerPoint Graphics

With the addition of completely customizable PowerPoint graphics to eLearning Brothers’ arsenal of awesome template libraries, you now have the tools to take your presentations to the next level. The PowerPoint Graphic Library comes equipped with over 9,000 assets built natively in PowerPoint to give you complete control, while saving you the time and effort of making things from scratch.  The infographics included in that library are no exception, and today we’ll show you a few of the things you can do with this great resource.

Change text

Change Text

All of the text in each infographic is editable, as you would hope.  Change titles, statistics, body text and more to fill in any information needed for your presentation.


Change styles

Change Styles

We always feel that it’s important for you to be able to give a template your own personal flare. PowerPoint gives you plenty of options to make these infographics fit the style that you’re going for. You can apply any colors, fills, outlines, or effects directly to every element in the template!


Change graphics

Change Graphics

In probably the coolest part of the new PowerPoint infographics, each graphic in the template was built natively in PowerPoint as a shape that can be adjusted as needed. Would you rather have dotted lines than solid lines? Maybe you’d rather have a map focus on a specific country instead of the entire world? What if you’d like to just change the values on a chart? Chances are if you want the option to customize something, that option is wide open to you.


Add animations


There’s no doubt that the right animation can give a presentation some swagger. Rather than having a flat infographic, use any PowerPoint animation to spice it up. Fades, Fly-ins, Floats, you name it! Every graphic, text box, and chart is ready for you to put it into motion.

However you choose to mix it up, these PowerPoint graphics will help you go the extra mile without making it feel like you just ran a marathon. Start browsing our library today to see what you could do with our PowerPoint Graphic templates!

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