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Make your eLearning Awesome!

Quickly create eLearning Interactions.

We’re excited to announce that you can now build amazing flash activities, quizzes, and games without using Flash or any programming. eLearning Interactions is an online tool that allows you to quickly build interactions that can be downloaded and embedded in whatever eLearning authoring software you use.

How it works:
1. Choose an interaction from our online library
2. Input your text, images, and audio
3. Select a theme to give your interaction an awesome look
4. Download the single flash file (.swf) and use it in your next course.

Supported eLearning Programs:
The downloaded interaction and game files work with eLearning software that imports Flash…which is all of them! The interactions are continuously being tested in different programs. To-date we have tested in Articulate, ProForm, Unison, Captivate 4, Atlantic Link, Adobe Presenter, Udutu, Adobe Connect, Lectora, and Toolbook.

eLearning Games: GameShow, Bowling, BoardGame, SpeedWay, Marathon, Secret Mission, World Race, GridLock, and more.

eLearning Interactions: Tabs, time lines, bars, sliders, reveals, stairs, pyramids, circles, and more.

Top 5 Amazing Features

  1. Access the Entire Library From Anywhere
    Your subscription gives you access to the entire interaction and game library. Since it’s all online your can access it from any computer.
  2. Unlimited Downloads
    Create and download as many interactions as you’d like. We don’t put a cap on your downloads.
  3. Themes
    We have designed themes that will give your interaction a professionally designed look. There are tons of backgrounds and button styles to choose from and your can change the colors on everything. You can even mix-and-match to create custom themes and upload your own background images.
  4. Single Flash File (.swf) Download
    Your interaction is a single Flash file. There are no supporting files needed.
  5. No Software to Install
    Just go to the website and build interactions. You don’t need to install any software or special plug-ins.

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