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We have recently added several new templates to our ever growing library. These are more intros, lower thirds, overlays, layouts, callouts, and transitions all professionally designed and aesthetically pleasing. Our Camtasia packages increase in value each time a new asset is added to the library, and we’ve added some beauties. Let me show you just a few.

Trendy: Full Theme

Our Camtasia Overlays library has been very useful to many of our members. We have gone through our overlays and chosen several of them to expand into full themes, adding intros, layouts, callouts, and transitions. Trendy was one of those beautiful overlays that was expanded. With a strong disco feel, this flashy template brings out the excitement of nightlife in the city.

Trendy Layout 1

Click the image to see the full theme!

Trendy Callout 2

Trendy Layout 3gif

Breeze: Full Theme

Another overlay expanded into a theme, Breeze is a simple cloud design that is animated to give a fluffy and care free feeling. Shapes that bounce in, and a windy theme throughout, this is a great theme for the fun loving projects you have. Also in the mix is a feeling of city life, as seen in some of the layouts and callouts.

Breeze Layout 2

Click the image to see the full template!


Breeze Callout 3



Smooth Jazz: Layouts

Offering an informational layout, an objectives list layout, a key points layout, and a four levels layout, the Smooth Jazz layout templates are ready to be used in your video course. The smokey colors and calm animation are reminiscent of a dark jazz club, providing a calming tone to any production. Take a look!


Clilck the image to see the full template!


Smooth_Jazz Pyramid


Smooth Jazz Layout 1 GIF

There are many more new templates to be found in our Camtasia library. We offer the best deals out there for great Camtasia templates, and packages start at only $149 a year! Included in the Camtasia Templates package you’ll also find our entire Stock Video library, and our icons, graphics and clipart library! If you are interested in adding in the stock audio library, cutout people library and much much more, our Camtasia Developer package is priced at $649 a year, and gets you all this and more! Browse the library, and sign up today!

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