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Storyline cutout characters -Business People

For business training purposes, professionally dressed characters can go a long way to set a mood and an ambience for your courses. It also pays to know your demographics. If your company tends to attract a certain type of person, or there are other types of people you want more of, you should be sure to represent that in training materials, as it sets an unconscious precedent.

We recently debuted 10 brand new Cutout Character Packs for Articulate Storyline that feature professionally dressed young people, each with 10 states or poses. Try some of these new characters today!


Stacey gives the impression of a person who has found early success in business. Owing to her professionalism and personable attitude, she is reliable and easy to work with.


Constantine is capable and quirky. He always brings his A-game and you can rest assured that he will have fresh and original ideas in each project.


Chang is an outgoing master of conversation and a friend to everyone he meets. He gets results and has a positive experience every day he works.


Sophie exudes a confidence that hard to come by. She knows exactly what’s needed and how to make that happen.


Shelby is a consummate professional with personality. Not only is she smart and thorough, but she brings a certain flair to her work that can’t be matched.


Moriah is the well-informed optimist, the person at work that can bring a bit of sunshine to the pessimist, but not in a naive, diluted way. She sees things for what they are and can always put things in perspective.


Jie is a reserved man, but confident nonetheless. He chooses his words carefully and strives for accuracy and precision in everything he does.


Jeremy is a textbook overachiever, who takes every endeavor the fullest of his abilities, not resting until the work is done.


Babs is logical and straightforward. She can do complex long division in her head and remembers everyone’s birthdays.


Adrian is the perfect combo of charisma and humility. He draws people in and makes meaningful connections, but doesn’t spoil the effect with arrogance.

Find these and other great characters in the Storyline Character Library!

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