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A few weeks ago, we debuted a new series of captivate templates called New Stone. With a clean, flat aesthetic, New Stone takes on a very modern, yet somehow retro personality.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest addition to the New Stone family, a unique 3-panel interaction. This template exhibits the same charm as its fellow, but with a color scheme becoming of an eLearning Brothers template, with eLB oranges and whites.

New Stone’s 3-panel interaction operates very much like a tabbed interaction, an easy design trick to put multiple slides into one. However, New Stone puts a unique twist on the usual formula by creating a more visually engaging and textually spartan layout. By clicking one of the three items in the center panel, learners will pull up beautiful black-and-white image in the left panel (which of course you may substitute with one of your own), and three “merit badge” icons on the right side panel, each with a short and sweet caption to explain its meaning.

With nine unique pre-made icons to choose from, you can select one that relates in some way to your own bullet points. If you choose to make your own customized icons, you can make simple shapes in the style shown here relatively easily in your favorite vector-based image software.

If this 3-panel interaction tickles your fancy, you might enjoy the other New Stone templates, including a click-and-reveal, a knowledge check, and an ask an expert interaction.

For these and other great Captivate interactions check out our Captivate Template Library today to honing your next great project today!

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