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Custom Storyline Players

We are happy to announce that we now offer Custom Articulate Storyline Players! You can now have a unique visual design for your Storyline navigation player.

All Template Library subscribers have immediate access to the Players right now. (All new template products are included in our annual subscriptions.) If you’re not a subscriber, that’s ok, it’s easy and affordable to join and get instant access to 20,000+ assets.

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Two Ways to Access Custom Storyline Players:

  • eLearning Template Library: We offer a variety of Articulate Storyline player skins in the eLearning Template Library. Subscribers get access to all of the new Players and any that we add in the future. Just log-in and download the one(s) that you want.
  • Custom Player Requests: We can create a customized Player that meets all of your company’s branding and visual needs. You can provide a mockup and have us bring it to life or we can come up with some visual mockups for you. Request a custom Storyline Player on our contact us page.


Custom Articulate Storyline Player Features

The player skins are connected to the Player Properties panel in Storyline. This means that you have a lot of flexibility:

  • Turn on/off buttons (Volume, SeekBar, Next/Back)
  • Use standard Player Tabs
  • Add your own company logo
  • Change colors to match your company branding using our color.xml
  • Build your Menu, Glossary, and Notes
  • Attached course Resources
  • Update tab text labels
  • Collapsible Menu
  • Apply easily to any published course
  • and more!


How to use/install the Storyline Players:

Need more help to use or install storyline players? We got you covered with this video tutorial. http://support.elearningbrothers.com/entries/28717808-Using-eLB-Storyline-Custom-Skin


Storyline Player Limitations:

Articulate does not currently support custom players for mobile devices. All custom Storyline players are flash based and will only appear/function on desktop browsers. If a user launches a course with custom player on a mobile device it will default to the standard Storyline player.

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