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In just under 7 months, eLearning Brothers has added an average of 5,800 cutout people images a month to the library for a total of over 40,000 high quality images! Included in these images are dozens of new models, hundreds of new poses, and many more costumes for you to use in your instructor-led and eLearning soft skills presentations.

Last month alone we added over 4,400 teenage cutout people images to the mix, literally tripling the number of teenager cutout images in our library. Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Joining our athletic and sports line up we now have Referee costumes and poses! We hand-picked specific referee poses and hand motions that are frequently seen in Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Football that also apply to training. The awesome thing about Referee cutout people is that they can be used for much more than sports-themed presentations. Due to the nature of the custom referee poses, you can easily incorporate them into any soft skills presentation or training. They are perfect for showcasing and pointing out actions that are unacceptable or dangerous in the workplace.


With almost 5,000 new teenage cutout people, we have significantly increased the size of our Student section. And with all the talk about millennials and post-millennials in the workplace, these teenage cutouts will be perfect for training the up and coming generation of workers.


Of course, we are always adding to one of our main categories, Casual Cutout People. With this last update we now have over 18,000 casual cutout people images that work in almost every single situation, interaction and scenario. Because Casual is a very general category, all of our models come in very different types of clothing. This gives you a veritably endless number of possibilities. And now with more teenage models in the library, you can more effectively cover the age spectrum when having to prepare to teach specific audiences.

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