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Since the beginning of the year we have been ramping up our libraries with awesome new content. For example, we have added over 30,000 new cutout people images to our Cutout People Library. We have also been focusing on our Medical Images Library, which if you don’t know, consists of over 1100 high resolution medical images ranging from bones and organs to medical environments. We are excited to announce that we are releasing high resolution 3D medical videos that showcase the entirety of a body part in stunning detail. Here are a few examples from the ever growing 3D medical library.


The high resolution images of the heart allow you to accurately showcase the heart in a fashion that is both instructive and intriguing. Now with moving 3D models of the heart, you will be better equipped to hold the attention of your audience with great content and animations. With the pulsating heart, you can clearly see how the heart expands and contracts with each pulse. This is virtually impossible to showcase with an image. So not only does it add motion and hold the attention of your audience better than a normal image, but it is exponentially more revealing and instructive.


There are more than 30 3D renderings of the spine ranging from single vertebrae to spectacular images showcasing the whole spine. We recently added multiple rotating vertebrae. The models are very high resolution and show bone pockets and blemishes. There is no need to show a whole rotating spine as the whole spine is made of multiple vertebrae. So in showcasing one of these high quality videos, you probably will know how the rest look and interact with each other.


With over 20 high quality full skeletal images, 3D rotating skeletons are a very nice addition to the Medical Images Library. The 3D video showcases every bone in the body at one time and in very good detail. As mentioned before, having moving objects on certain slides within your presentation can accentuate your message simply and effectively.

Go check out our full library of medical images which are stockpiled with high resolution images as well as the new 3D animated models. If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comments section below!

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