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Lectora 16

With today’s launch of Lectora 16, we’ve been hard at work adding new responsive templates to the eLearning Template Library. We’ve made over 30 skins, interactions, and scenarios exclusively for this new release. Take a look at each one below!

 1 skin sky  2 skin razor  3 skin nero
 4 skin myrtle 5 skin camper 6 ctr1 vibe
 7 dragger cut 8 ctr1 muse  9 ctr2 vibe
 10 dragger vibe 11 conversation  12 conversation argyle
 13 branching vibe  14 ctr1 scratch  15 branching muse
 16 branching argyle  17 layout vibe  18 layout scratch
 19 dragger muse 20 ctr1 argyle  21 dragger argyle
 22 ctr2 muse 23 ctr2 argyle  24 conversation vibe
 25 branching scratch 26 branching  27 ctr1
 28 ctr2 29 ctr2 scratch  30 dragger scratch
 31 conversation muse 32 conversation scratch  33 corporate callout

How to Import Them

You can find all of these templates available inside of Lectora 16. Just follow these simple steps to start using them:


Click the “Inspire Tools” tab on the right side of your Lectora project to get access to the full eLearning Brothers Lectora Library.


Once you log in, you can choose from over 2,000 assets and interactive templates that are built in and/or compatible with Lectora.


Once you’ve chosen your template, just select the download button and Lectora will populate it directly into your course!

All of our other Lectora templates and cutout people are included with your purchase of the Lectora Inspire Suite. You can find these specific templates by searching our template library for the “Lectora16” keyword.

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