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new elearning library features

On Friday, you may have noticed that we began rolling out the changes to our eLearning Library interface. This includes updates to our Cutout People Library searches, upgrades to the search results page, and a revamp of our Media Object Page for many of our templates and assets. These changes are based on feedback and improvements that we felt would help our users more easily locate and manage their downloads.

With the changes to the Cutout People Library, our ultimate goal was to provide better categorization through smarter keywords. We’ve expanded the categories to include things like age, ethnicity, industry, and even hair style! Brother Andrew will walk you through how to use these new search features to you advantage in this tutorial video:

This change afforded us the opportunity to make some updates to the search results page and our Media Object Pages, as well. The biggest update among them is in the live preview on mouseover. Now, it’s easier than ever to get an exact look at the template or asset in your search results. In addition, you can now conveniently download an item straight from the search results page without having to click into the Media Object Page. But you may want to the updates we’ve made in there. Watch the video below and Brother Andrew gives you a tour.

Lastly, we’ve made some updates to the new My Favorites feature (previously known as Collections). Create lists and quickly find and download templates using these helpful organization options. Brother Andrew will show you how.

We hope you really enjoy these new features. We’re always trying to find ways that we can improve your experience as you use eLearning Brothers products! Give us your feedback in the comments below and we’ll continue to make updates. We’re really excited for what the future holds for our eLearning Asset Libraries!

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