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We just launched our new Flash eLearning Quiz Templates.

These quizzes are a great way to spice up your next course. You can give each quiz a custom look/style by choosing from our professionally designed themes. The quizzes are also SCORM compliant and compatible.

Each quiz pack includes:

  • 22 Flash quizzes (Open the file in Flash and input your questions and answers.
  • Change anything that you’d like. Fully customizable…you get the Flash source files (.fla).
  • 40+ branded themes to choose from.
  • 20+ styles of buttons.
  • Both Actionscript 2 and 3 files.
  • Works with Flash CS3, 4, 5.
  • Includes the SCORM files needed to track scores with your LMS.

Here are a few quizzes that we created using the quiz templates:

Themes (Mix and Match colors, backgrounds, and buttons)
The quiz pack come with 43 themes. Each theme contains a color scheme, buttons, and a background. You can copy/past the themes into each quiz to create new designs.

Here are some sample themes:


Background Textures
Here are the background textures that come with each quiz pack. You and swap out the background of any quiz and choose any color you’d like.


Here are the included buttons. Each button is animated (up, down, and over states). Swap out the quiz buttons and choose the colors.

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