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We are excited to announce that we are now offering new Camtasia Exclusive packages! These are packages tailored to Camtasia users of varying levels of experience, providing a reduced cost for the more specialized content.

The first package, conveniently priced at $149, is the Camtasia Templates Package. In this template package, you’ll find all of our Camtasia-based Themes, Intros, Overlays, Layouts, Callouts, Transitions, Scenarios, and Cutout Frames, as well as full access to the vast Stock Video Library. Stock videos range from aerial footage to Apple Motion. This is a great package for someone looking to step up their Camtasia screencasting game with animated lower third graphics, pre-made scenarios with overlays, or supplemental video. There is also full access to a basic graphics, icons, and clipart library. This is a smaller library than what you’ll see in the larger packages, but is a great asset none the less.

Our next package, priced at $399, is the Camtasia Full Package. This package offers all of the benefits of the Camtasia Templates package, but also includes the entire Cutout People Library. This adds thousands of cutout people of all ages, genders, and nationalities to your toolbox, and it’s priced to get you a great deal. This bundle saves you $100 in comparison with the sum of its parts.

Third, at $649, is the Camtasia Developer Package. In addition to everything from the previous package, the Camtasia Developer Package offers the entire Stock Asset Library, placing thousands of images, sound bites, and songs at your fingertips. This opens the door to Camtasia developers who frequently deal with live-action video and are looking to develop courses that have high-quality video, audio, and images, all supplemented by our large template library of overlays and course starters, and cutout people to fill in as digital representatives.

Our largest Camtasia Exclusive Package is the Camtasia Master Package. Priced at $949 this package offers the full Camtasia Template Library, as well as every Camtasia-ready library eLearning Brothers has to offer, including the Common Craft Library, PowerPoint Graphics Library, and the Interaction Builder. This is the ultimate Camtasia package, plugging you into PowerPoint integration, HTML 5 interactions, and creative use of the Common Craft images and videos.

Camtasia creators should find that their needs are met in a direct way through our offered packages. What’s more, by focusing the content on Camtasia we can save you some cash. For details on each of these packages, check our new Camtasia Exclusives page. Also, don’t forget to review last week’s webinar where I go over some of the features and products in the packages.

What would you like to see offered in a Camtasia package? Let us know in the comments!

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