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If you have been following along with our blog, you will have noticed that we have been updating our Cutout People Library each month. And for all those who haven’t been following along, we have added over 12,800 cutout people this year alone! Our Cutout People Library is one of the largest and most diverse libraries out there and it will never stop growing! Each cutout person comes in a variety of different costumes and over 140 different poses, allowing you to insert them anywhere into your project.

Last week alone we added just under 3000 cutout people containing doctors, students, and business men and women! Let’s take a look at how easily our cutout people can be inserted into your next presentation. I will be using the Computer Library Conversational Scenario from the Free Library as an example.

Inserting new cutout people is very easy and straightforward. This scenario has cutout people already inserted, so all we need to do is switch them out for the newest ones we just released. To do that you simply Right Click>Change Picture>From File, and then select the downloaded cutout people.

Once you insert them you may need to resize the images depending on the scenario. And then you are done! And with a full Cutout People Subscription you have access to over 80,000 images to choose from and a ton of industries and ethnicities! Or pick up a Free Account and gain access to 40 different images for free! Have any questions or concerns? Let me know in the comments section below.

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