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New Camtasia 9 Behaviors Will Add Sizzle to Your Production

Having a thorough knowledge of your eLearning tools is essential in becoming an eLearning rock star. Any knight should know his sword, any author his pen, and any video maker his editor. That is why we here at eLearning Brothers have an open knowledge base for support.

With the update to Camtasia 9/3, we have been adding new skills to our support page. Many of the skills you may have developed in using Camtasia 8 carry over seamlessly into Camtasia 9. However, there are some new features that are pushing Camtasia up to the top shelf of many people’s eLearning toolbox.

Behaviors are a new set of pre-built animations that are easily applied to both text and other media. You can apply behaviors to a video to make it float and sting. You can apply behaviors to a shape to make it rhythmically bounce or pulse. When applying a behavior to a text you can expect to see much more in depth animation with the animation affecting each letter in some cases.

In the video below (available on our support page as well) you’ll see a demonstration of how these behaviors can be used to give your video life in only a few simple steps.

Many of our new Camtasia 9/3 templates utilize the power of these behaviors. The ability to edit multiple behaviors for multiple objects makes them a time-saving tool that is worth mastering. Let us know what questions you may have about behaviors in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. If you have questions about Camtasia 9/3, don’t hesitate to send an email to support@elearningbrothers.com and we will do what we can to answer your question. We are frequently expanding our knowledge base, so check it out often.

How have you used the new Camtasia 9/3? What new features have you found to be the most useful?

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