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Adobe Captivate 9

Adobe Captivate 9 introduced two more breakpoints in their responsive design. This enables a developer to design for portrait (up and down) and landscape (sideways) views in both a tablet and mobile device. A developer will have the ability to change the breakpoint sizes, however, their default sizes can be very useful if you are unsure what size the user will be viewing their course on (e.g. iPad vs. Android tablet or iPhone vs. Android phone). At first glance, the sizes chosen for the landscape to the portrait views look arbitrary. The Tablet landscape is 896 X 627px and the Portrait is 768 X 627px. One might think that the two views should be just flip fop to the sizes used, if the height for landscape is 627px the width for portrait should be the same because all you are doing in turning the tablet. However, if you don’t know what type of tablet you are developing for, the portrait width could be something else. So, with the default Portrait width wider, this allows for the developer to design around the maximum possible width. In my video it will describe how one can account for sizes in between each breakpoint.

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