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Are you ready to become an Articulate Ninja?

We just launched Articulate Training videos!

We are excited to announce our new Articulate Training Videos! Now you can sit at your desk and follow along as we show you how to use this software. Use the videos when you need them and use them for a quick refresher anytime.

  • 10 “how-to” videos
  • Unlimited viewing
  • Access for the entire team
  • Videos take you from building content to publishing
  • Examples of how to use PowerPoint
  • Ways to make more exciting content
  • Get future videos for free

Videos Topics Included:

  1. Articulate Overview
  2. Master Slides in PowerPoint
  3. Animation, Linking, Shapes in PowerPoint
  4. Adding and Recording Narration
  5. Sync Animations with Narration
  6. Locking, Branching, and Slide Properties
  7. Importing Quizmaker, Engage, and Flash
  8. Player Templates
  9. Presenters and Attachments
  10. Publishing
  11. (More coming soon!)

Check out our Articulate Presenter Training!

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