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Adobe Presenter

Adobe recently released some killer new software: Presenter 11 and Presenter Video Express 11. Today, we’re taking a brief look at the new capabilities of these updated and revamped authoring tools.

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Presenter 11

Presenter is an easy way to convert your PowerPoints into interactive HD videos. You can add photos and videos to the presentation, as well as templates and cutout character sets (like ours).

Within one program, you can record video and live screen captures, edit videos, and publish them directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or the wonderful new Captivate Prime. You can even convert the whole thing to HTML to use how you wish.

In-course web browsing and YouTube streaming have also been added to Presenter 11. You can browse live websites and play YouTube videos within the video player.

You can check out a more comprehensive look at Presenter 11’s features over here.


Presenter Video Express 11

This video editing program is a perfect companion to Presenter 11, and it’s especially amazing for anyone that uses a green screen. With a green background, you can easily select yourself so you don’t blend with the background, and then magically transport yourself to the environment of your choosing.

The background can easily be swapped out for photos and HD videos alike. You can add live screen captures, imported videos, and even interactive quizzes to the mix. And whatever you do, don’t forget that you can edit everything right there in the player and publish the whole shebang directly to Captivate Prime, Adobe’s versatile LMS that you can take with you anywhere.

For an introduction to the awesome capabilities of this program, you can take a look at Adobe’s sweet video here. Also, check out our collection of Adobe Presenter templates in the library. Share your thoughts, tips, or best practices in the comments below!

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