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Awhile back I did a post about locking Articulate’s navigation and using embedded flash in the slide to navigate by talking to the API. Well…I was working on that project again and it seemed that everything had stopped working. Somehow since I hadn’t touched it for a few weeks it broke?

After a few hours of investigation, here was the problem/solution:
When previewing a few slides (through Articulate Preview option), I clicked my flash button and it was supposed to go to a specific slide #. (It didn’t work. It took me to the wrong slide even though my AS code was correct.) Now, the button with the code that said “go to next slide” worked fine.

The problem is that when you preview a slide range in Articulate it automatically treats the first slide of the preview as Slide #1. So even if it’s really the 12th slide in your presentation, it acts like slide #1 in the preview mode. So that explains when my buttons where trying to “go to Slide #xxxx” it wouldn’t work. That slide # didn’t exist in the preview. However, the “go to next slide” worked fine.

After looking back it makes sense that this was happening but it’s too bad that the preview mode can’t recognize what the slide # is in the overall presentation. Oh well…hope this helps someone else. Or maybe everyone already knew this but didn’t tell me 🙂

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