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Guest blog post by Polina Khizhnyak. Polina Khizhnyak is the Marketing Manager of iSpring Solutions, Inc.

Last time, we got a quick snapshot of the general capabilities of iSpring Suite. This time, we’ll dig a little deeper into the playback and navigation settings of your presentation or eLearning course.

To adjust the playback and navigation settings, click Publish on the iSpring toolbar and go to the Playback and Navigation tab.



Playback Presets

First, take a look at the playback presets. Each preset represents a certain method of presentation. If you have other playback requirements, you can fine-tune the settings however you like. You can even save your fine-tuned settings as a custom preset by clicking Save Preset.



Playback Options

The playback options control how the presentation will progress. You can set it to start automatically, set the slides to change automatically, plus set the timings for slides and animations. If you like, you can also put the presentation on an infinite loop.



Action on Restart

When a user closes a presentation, iSpring Suite will remember the last slide s/he was on. The next time the user opens the presentation, you can set it to resume from that same slide (with or without prompting the user), or begin it from the first slide every time.



User Navigation

You can select the type of user navigation from the drop-down list. If you choose Free navigation, users will be able to access all slides in any order.

Limited navigation allows students to view the next slide or freely return to all previously viewed slides.

Forward Only navigation allows them to view only the current and the next slide.



Input Controls

Finally, you can adjust navigation options for various input devices, from the classic keyboard all the way through gestures for modern touch-screens. Selecting Customize control keys allows you to specify the keyboard shortcuts for every single navigation action in your presentation.


To see a live version of this tutorial, check out this video tutorial.

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