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I recently watched an interview with the eLearning Manifesto creators. If you haven’t seen the video I highly suggest you watch it. The interview is with Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, Clark Quinn, and Will Thalheimer. They talked about ways to improve the state of eLearning. It is a great video to help you regain the creativity and passion for your eLearning.

One of my favorite parts is when Michael Allen names obstacles we face in the eLearning industry because it makes me want to change the direction of eLearning so it gets on a better course. These obstacles are important to keep in mind since many of us in this industry are facing the same obstacles:

  • Budgets are too limiting
  • Designers have too much content
  • Expectation for designers to do more with less
  • New designers see what other designers do and pattern after that

I don’t want to tell you everything in this video, but it is a must-watch. I hope you take a serious look at it and I promise as you do, you’ll find something valuable to work into your next eLearning project.


Launch Interview of the eLearning Manifesto Creators

(Watch the video on Youtube.)

My Endorsement on the eLearningManifesto.org

“ELearning developers and innovators need to take a personal gut check. What can we do better with what we have? How can we raise the standard of eLearning for the industry? These are the types of questions we should be asking ourselves and then create discussions with all our L&D communities. We should be having these gut checks and these discussions. We should be improving the standard of the eLearning industry. That’s why I think the Serious eLearning Manifesto is a timely and needed. We all can do a little better. We can all team up to share and spread the word about the eLearning Manifesto. Good eLearning karma will come to anyone who signs and shares the eLearning Manifesto!” – Brother Parker

Sign the eLearning Manifesto here.

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