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In 2018, Adrian’s friendly face made him the most popular cutout character of the year! It’s easy to see why Adrian was such a highly downloaded cutout character. He brings a definite warmth and sense of ease to any eLearning course you see him in.

in the Cutout People Library, Adrian struts his stuff in casual attire, business casual, and business attire. He’s also available in illustrated and silhouette versions. His poses include standing and sitting in a desk chair.

Here are a couple examples of Adrian in casual attire.

adrian casual cutout person

Next up, Adrian transforms into a driven, dedicated businessman.

adrian business cutout person

If your learners work in a business casual environment, Adrian can handle that too!


adrian business casual cutout people

If neither of those fit the mood you’re looking for in your eLearning development project, add some personality using the illustrated version of Adrian or keep your course a little more neutral with the silhouette cutout of Adrian.

adrian illustrated cutout people silhouette

This character offers lots of options for your eLearning! Check out all the poses and attire available for Adrian’s character in the library.


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