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Greetings from Hawaii. Do you want to build amazing training? Do you want to engage your learners? Well we have just the answer for you. We just launched some cool new Flash Games! These new games will help you build, to use a local term, “mo’ bettah” training courses. Our new games include some exciting new features like: new audio sound effects, timed activies, and sports challenges, just to name a few.

Check out these cool new games:

Wheel Spin – In this game, your learners spin the big wheel, answer the question correctly, and earn the points from the spin.

Line It Up – Line It Up is a sequence type game where you have to put all of the options on the screen in the correct order. It is great for quizzing someone regarding memory order.

Try Your Luck – In this fun game, you get to “buzz in” to stop the bouncing game piece, answer the question correctly, and earn points for each correct answer.

Word Guess – The Word Guess game presents your learners with a question and they are given an opportunity to guess the answer by selecting different letters and filling in the blanks.

Jump Shot – Are you ready for a little sports action? In Jump Shot, as your learners answer questions correctly, they earn time to shoot jump shots at the end of your quiz.

Field Goal – Field Goal is very similar to Jump Shot, in that your learners earn time to kick Field Goals for each correct answer in the quiz questions.

Board Game – The Board Game challenge is similar to playing a classic board game. Learners roll the dice, move the game piece, and answer questions.

Card Stack – Sort through a stack of cards to identify the correct answer.

Fishing – Well, it’s just like it sounds…learners get to cast their line, catch a fish, and answer a question.

Come check out our new Flash Games and see for yourself how much fun elearning can be!

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