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PowerPoint Designer

All of us have had the misfortune of sitting through a horribly designed PowerPoint presentation. It’s as if the presenter intentionally used the worst combinations of text, images, and layouts available in the tool. The visuals bring a flying front-snap kick to the face of anybody unlucky enough to be within line of sight. Quite frankly, it inhibits whatever the presentation was trying to communicate.

Apparently the developers on the Microsoft PowerPoint team have sat through a few of these presentations themselves, and they have had enough. Microsoft has hinted at a new feature for PowerPoint 2016, and it looks to be very promising. It’s called “Designer” and it’s meant to put an end to horrible presentations.

According to an article on Office.com, here’s how it works. You open up Powerpoint and start throwing in your text and images. At this point, don’t worry about the layout. On the right side of your screen, you will see a “Design Ideas” pane open up, displaying several options for integrating your image into the slide. Select the one that tickles your fancy, and you’re off to the next slide.

Under the hood, PowerPoint is analyzing your image, and selecting from over 12,000 professionally designed blueprints to bring you the choices you are most likely to love.

Since one of eLearning Brothers’ purposes is to help make eLearning Awesomeness, we are extremely excited about this new tool. PowerPoint Designer will work great with our Stock Asset library, PowerPoint Graphic Templates, and other offerings. Get ready for a new level of PowerPoint presentations!

Check out the video Microsoft has released for Designer. (And a tip of the hat to whoever chose that awesome music!)


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